Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Suitable Milk For Babies

Always parent always ask about what the suitable milk or what the best milk for their new born babies. They often find out of what kind of milk powder is suitable for their baby. Mother often doubt about the quality of milk powder whether the milk can substitute breast milk. Breast milk still the best, even on milk powder contains all the nutrients needs. According to the expert, fresh milk can increase the burden of the solute in the kidney. So baby younger than 24 months should not drink fresh milk. Other kind of milk for breakfast, active milk and milk with local flavor are also not suitable for young babies to drink.

Many parents do not know how to choose the best kind of milk for their babies. Even most of the compositions of milk powder are equal to those contained in breast milk, and only few compositions and their content are different from those contained in breast milk. The milk powder should meet the demand of nutrients to maintain the normal growth and cause no side effect, such as constipation and diarrhea. Breast milk better because contain antibody and beta-carotene which can enhance the immunity for the babies. The problem is currently many product just showing high protein by chemical modification on their product, even this chemical addition make dangerous to the babies health.

Using of milk powder for babies, should strictly follow the proportion and not make too thick to increase the nutrients. Excessive density can increase the burden of the kidney, in addition, parents should not pursue for the number of nutrients contained in milk powder. Excessive intake of fat soluble in vitamin A and vitamin D, iron and zinc can cause poisoning inside the babies bodies. Just for advice, parent who buys the dairy products for the babies should distinguish them carefully.

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