Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Banned For Health Care Center Give Formula Milk

Milk Formula feeding practices in the health care center cause mother are lazy to give breast milk to their babies, whereas a healthy baby should receive mother's milk up to six months. The condition has been monitored by the government and will soon issue rules to prohibit giving formula milk in place of their health services. In addition it is usually practice of forced sale, also because bad effect to the new mother gave birth.

This happened in Indonesia which was used to sell health care services and sell goods also are sometimes forced to make a doubled profit. Actually is a six-month infants were given only mother's milk, except when the mother's milk is not enough can give other kind of milk such as cow milk or Box Milk. During breastfeeding mothers, the family, society and government should fully support the provision of time and special facilities for breastfeeding mothers to their infants in the workplace and public facilities.

Handling a healthy baby at the beginning from birth would greatly contribute to the future of nation, because the healthy babies will form a healthy and intelligent child, so it will form an intelligent nation and move to developed country.

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