Sunday, June 27, 2010

Milk Chocolate

To produce milk chocolate is not easy, how to mix this chocolate with milk can't be homogeneous mixture sometimes. The main problem of this mixing is because chocolate shrink when add with water,but separate a part will fall. Milk itself contain high water, and mixed directly with chocolate will have many problem. From the traditional method use by evaporate the water contain on milk and then mixed with Chocolate.

This special characteristic of chocolate make many industries that uses chocolate should be understand of this characteristic because on mixing or heating chocolate will have different behavior. Milk chocolate behave very unique during baking, and it is also extremely heat sensitive.

Chocolate got from cocoa plant, Theobroma cacao. Cacao seed are formed in large pods, which are harvested when ripe. The seed is separated from the cacao fruit and then fermented for about a week before roasting and grinding them to release their chocolate liquor.

Typical milk chocolate contains of 10% chocolate liquor, along with an additional percentage of pure cocoa solids. Different country can rule in different ways about this composition, around 12% of milk solid contain in chocolate milk, and 3.7 % is composed of milkfat. Sugar and vanilla is also added as other addition material to make milk chocolate creamy and to enhance the flavor.

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