Friday, August 6, 2010

Milk Contain Melamine

Milk that contains of melamine substance is not just produce in China, like the issue that last time spread in Indonesia that make Indonesian Government to close milk trading from China. Melamine is chemicals that usually contain on adhesive as on my other article on Melamine Adhesives, melamine formaldehyde, and also contain in plastic materials.

As the news that I read there are about 6,244 babies in china was sick after drink of milk contaminated with melamine. Melamine is added to milk when the milk process to powder or become a liquid milk, on the milk processing they dilute of pure milk with water make the protein contain is down, to modify of protein contain they add melamine to milk make increase of nitrogen contain that indicate as protein contain, but this nitrogen is not protein, this nitrogen come from melamine substance.

There are news lately that milk fomula that contains of melamine not just come from Chinese company, Indonesian Goverment also found this melamine contain from American Milk Formula. This founding is made by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in American formula milk product from several trade mark like Mead Johnson, Abbot, and Nestle.I don't understand that well known company like Johnson and Medley also modify their production to increase their profit. This news is adopt from

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