Saturday, January 23, 2010

Milk Chocolate Formula

Milk chocolate is the product that often mix each others, this one is a kind of variety chocolate product that always best selling in the world currently. Since the year of 1875, Swiss chocolatier, M. Daniel Peter, perfectly produce the mix of chocolate and milk, which have sweater and smoother than just chocolate.

The main process that effected to chocolate is water mix, by adding water into chocolate caused the chocolate shrink, and separate and generally fall apart. This condition make water difficult to mix with chocolate dirrectly. Milk contains mainly of water, make the milk difficult to mix with chocolate directly, further milk process is needed. To make milk can mix with water, then peter visit to Mr. Henry from nestle, the inventor of evaporated milk to lessen the water content.

For more than thirty years Peters company, Peter Cailler, Kohler used Nestle for milk and relied on it for marketing expertise. Eventually in 1929, the inevitable happened adn the two companies merged when Nestle took control of Peter, Cailler, Kohler. Milk chocolate quickly became the chocolate variety of choice. The other product of chocolate milk that merge like Cadbury's manufacturing in Britain and quickly become the number one of chocolate product in Europe.

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