Thursday, March 28, 2013

Healthy Cow Milk Choice From Farm

Even you have familiar to drink milk, but not all of you know how actually cow milk being proceed from the beginning, and also maybe some of you will not like to drink cow milk anymore after you know the process. This is often time not because of the milk not healthy but because of you feel disgusting after see the process.

The order process cow milk as follows:
  • Rearing is a process to make increase a cow milk production artificially and decrease the spread of infection diseases among their cows. Many large dairy farm utilize growth hormones and antibiotics during the rearing process
  • Harvesting, A cow is ready to be milky when her udder is full. Usually cow are milky in the early morning and in the late afternoon. People can use their arm to squeeze but some people use milking machines.
  • Storing milk in milk storage vats or silos are refrigerated and come in various and size. Milk usually stored on the farm at 39 degrees Fahrenheit, or cooler but no more than 48 hours.
  • Transport milk to factory site and stored in refrigerated silos before processing.
  • Before milk go into milk processing unit is being tested for antibiotics and temperature before the milk enters to the factory area. Farm milk samples are tested for milk fat, protein, bulk milk cell count and bacteria count. If milk does not meet the standard it is rejected.
  • Go into the processing unit.

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