Saturday, December 17, 2011

Horse Milk

Horse milk often offer by many milk vendor with their benefit to make more health and strong, beside that horse milk actually has long time ago been popular gournet food with a uniquely delicious flavor and subtle nuances found in no ordinary dairy product. Horse milk often mixed with truffles and beluga caviar as one of the most coveted treats on the world.

One reason to drink horse milk is for medical and not for cosmitic, especially use for metabolical, gastrointestinal and liver problems, but also for recovering after surgery and severe illness, cholesterol problems, allergy to cows' milk, stress, skin problems, stiff joints or just to keep fit and well. Horsemilk also believe can make the body more strong, boosts the immune system and increase a person's energy and vitality. For people who have metabolic disorders, it stimulates internal cleansing.

If we see to the contains in the horse milk, may can observe the horse milk useful. Horse milk only have 44 calories per 100 grams if compare with other milk, cows have 64 calories and human have 70 calories. Additional sugar lactose or milk sugar is higher for horse milk compare with cow and human milk. The contain of albumin in horse milk can help very beneficial for improving digestibility. Horse milk is no flash in the pan. Unfornately, horse milk is very expensive as a gournet food, but worth the extra cost. Unlike other animals, horse have only two teats and 1400 lb mare will just produce less than a quart of previous liquid each day. This why make the horse milk is more expensive than other animals milk.

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