Friday, August 3, 2012

Cow Milk Not Suitable For Baby

Mother's Milk (MM) is the best food for babies. Therefore, as much as possible the mother should give milk to her baby. Moreover, according to new research cow's milk is not suitable for babies because of inadequate nutritional content.

 Dairy cows blocking the baby getting proper nutrition because it contains high protein, not suitable for babies’ immature kidneys. It is recommended to mothers who have some reason can not give milk to consult your doctor find a safe alternative other than cow's milk.

Also expressed similar views B Sesikaran, as Director of National Institute of Nutrition. He said the cow's milk contain only slightly lower content of nutrients and iron. Cow's milk is an unsafe practice in the modern context in which antibiotics and pesticides were detected at high levels in cow's milk. Sesikaran added, giving cow's milk should be avoided in the first year of life.

According to cow's milk is inappropriate, unsafe and inadequate in terms of nutritional content. While the MM has proven especially useful because it is enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including antibodies that keep the baby from diseases that may be life threatening. Data from the survey report shows that many mothers stop breastfeeding before the time.

Only 69 percent of infants less than two months are still breastfed. At the age of 2-3 months breastfed babies as much as 51 percent and 4-5 months declined to 28 percent,

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