Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Make Yogurt Step1

Yogurt that you often drink actually can be made by yourself and for this matter you need some materials from the market. For this you need thermometer to measure the temperature of mixed.

Material you need as follows:
  • a half gallon of milk
  • 2 – 3 tbs of plain yogurt as a starter
  • 8-10 qt stock pot
  • 4-5 qt pot with lid
  • A Metal or plastic spoon
  • A Dial thermometer with clip
  • A Heating pad
The amount of milk you use will be the yogurt you will make. For the first production you should buy plain yogurt from store next time you can made from your own. Just use Dannon plain yogurt.

The smaller pot needs to fit inside the larger one, creating a double boiler or water jacket. The spoon you needs should from plastic or metal in order can be sterilized. The range of thermometer should be from 100o - 185 oF, and can clip to the pot’s rim. Heating pad can be replaced by a hotplate.

The next step is create water jacket.
Water jacket to make safe time and make sure of consistent result every time you made. Further, it can prevent you from scalding the milk, which will ruin yogurt. To arrange pot on water jacket:
  • Place larger pot in sink
  • Place smaller pot inside it
  • Fill larger pot until water line goes about half way up the side of smaller pot
The smaller pot will want to float, hold it down while filling larger pot with water. Don’t fill the larger pot more than half way up the side of the smaller pot. Have your milk and 2-3 tbs of yogurt out at room temperature throughout the next steps.

The equipment you’ll use should be sterilized.
Since you need to bring your water boil, it removes any possibility of contamination. Place thermometer, spoon in large pot of water, place smaller pot upside down over the larger pot and heating water until boil.

Next Step: Make Yogurt Step-2

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