Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fruits Blend with Milk

What fruit that suitable blend with milk. Almond and Raspberry have been used to blend with milk for fifty years ago. This is a wonderful sick-room remedy. Fifty years ago, every cookbook had chapters on food for convalescents – but not any more. Like all nutsand seeds, almonds are a considerable source of body-building nutrients.

Milk is easily to digest on our stomach, almost all people have same response to this, so its simple way of rebuilding rundown our bodies. Add all the protective antioxidants and the high ORAC score of raspberries for a powerhouse restorative beverage.

All nuts and seeds contain every nutrient needed to produce the next generation of cells. Almonds are no exception, providing well-absorbed quantities of protein, B vitamins, zinc, and healing essential fatty acids. The milk contains easily used calories for restorative energy, while the raspberries are rich in vitamin C and protective phytochemicals. Basically so many kind of fruits can mixed together with milk to produce a delicious beverage.

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