Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Box Milk

If you by milk on the box in Supermarket or in Mall, sometime you found a broken milk inside, a smell milk still in the rack of product sell. Why those product can damage before expire date? After the milk been process then store in milk box. You must understand that the milk box is not created by strong material, its just from paper that laminated by plastic outside and by aluminum foil inside, so when this product is moving by throwing to rack store or to the other keeping box, then sometime the plastic or aluminum laminate can tear and will not in safe seal anymore.

This damage product then keeps on the rack or on the freezer, for longer time. When this product is taken out from the freezer the bacteria will alive inside the milk box. Not need long time this bacteria will reproduce other bacteria very fast and in just one night milk will smell and broken but still in sell rack. So there is no time for store keeper to select their broken product because in just one night their product has smell.

So if you got milk with sour taste it’s mean that milk have contaminated with bacteria, and better to throw away and don’t drink because have bad effect and you can get sick, stomachache or even poisoning.

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