Monday, October 27, 2008

Breast Milk

Milk is very special for humans, that is an absolute rule for all mothers and a most direct and precise feedback for their true spiritual love toward their baby. The flow of milk is directly proportional to the flow of love. If mother love and mother-milk was missing too much in your childhood - then increased appetite in its God made substitute - cow milk is manifested.

If a mother has any kind of disorders of her breast-milk-production it always is a proof of disorder in loving the baby. Absence of milk means absence of love.

Breast cancer is the direct and only result of extreme female pride. Ego is in many ways self destructive - breast cancer very often is self destructive because pride is self destructive as breast cancer often is fatal - directly or indirectly Many manifestations result in various forms of self destruction.

Milk source for the baby in abundance however means love in abundance for the baby - but is no proof for true love toward anyone else besides the baby. Love toward baby and love toward partner or others are two totally separated aspects of love - both are of equal importance and need to be developed in full.

Breast milk is an interesting kind to human and become an interest power to man, sometime a husband want to know what is the taste of breast milk, it is usual. It's fine to offer him a taste. If he wants to suckle, though, make sure that you, he, and/or the baby don't have a communicable virus or infection such as thrush or herpes that can pass easily among the three of you.

Remarkably, the immunological properties of breast milk benefit humans at any age. Human milk has even been used in some cases to treat various illnesses in adults. Many breastfeeding mothers tell me that their husbands and older siblings want to try Mom's milk. If you're comfortable with this request, what you do in the privacy of your home is up to you.

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