Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Other Milk Sources

Beside Cow as milk source of animals, others animals also can be taken for milk source. Animals can be sucked to be taken the milk such as buffalo, camels, donkeys, goats, horses, reindeer, sheep, water buffalo and yaks.

Those animals milk source can produce to be a diary products and some people use for certain medicine or tonic. Beside of those animals in Russia and Sweden, small moose dairies also are taken the milk. Donkey and horse milk have the lowest fat content, while the milk contains of seals more than 50% fat.

Whale milk, not used for human consumption, is one of the highest-fat milks, containing up to 50% fat. The high fat content of whale milk is not unique to the cetacean's great size, as guinea pig milk has an average fat content of 46%.

Human milk is not produced or distributed industrially or commercially; however, milk banks exist that allow for the collection of donated human milk and its redistribution to infants who may benefit from human milk for various reasons (premature neonates, babies with allergies or metabolic diseases, etc.). For baby’s mother that sometime have a difficulties for giving her milk fully to her baby some time take other mother milk from bank milk or from other woman that give a milk service for other child that is needed. Normally mother breast can’t produce a mother milk continuously, mother produce a milk when she gave bird, and cause of her breast have over production of milk, so she can give a service to other mother that is needed of her milk.

All other female mammals do produce milk, but are rarely or never used to produce dairy products or skim milk for human consumption.

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